squint and trouble… and how to sublet my womb

the kitties are still here… (i know, none of you are surprised)

my gal is sneezing and begging to keep them. i placed a call to the landlord today to see if we can add pets to our lease. we will see what he says! there is the slight possibility that he will disallow it even though 80% of the tenants have pets.

we are calling them squint and trouble. (those are their gang names, their real names are still under construction)

dakota and i are about to crawl into bed (our favorite place for intimate and hard/charged conversations) and talk through our possible paths to getting a baby in my belly… i will post our list and thoughts soon. we have found that the closer we are physically – touching, near naked, etc. – when we have intense conversations, the better. it helps us have more fully that we are 1000% *with* each other and it helps us go farther, share more and laugh at the hard stuff. awesome, i love it!

more to come on our plans of embryo harvests and freezers and meds and all that…


2 Responses

  1. I am coming out of hiding to say hello… and to say I know the most wonderful marmalade coloured cat named trouble, and when you name a kitty that, he/she might just live up to his/her namesake!

    Good luck with the big convo… and of course with all your TTC journeys…

  2. Do you have to ask your landlord with cats? Because I lived in a bldg for years that had a strict no pet policy but me and all the old ladies had cats and no one was the wiser…
    I had to laugh at the second part b/c anytime we need to have a ‘deep conversation’ K wants to get in bed to go it! It’s her favorite place to talk!!
    Can’t wait to hear your IVF plans…

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