slowing down, deep breaths…

well, i feel like this last week has been a good lesson in clarity… the wish for it, and lack of it, and that it is possible to slow down, take a deep breath and live through mud…

over the last weeks we all watched the soon to be 6 mommies at veeandjay, romancingthestork and joulybeansbabyblog… flap around in the muddy waters and happily come out of the chaos pregnant!

as for our current unclarity, we talked to our regular RE and she did not completely agree with the dr we saw the other day. she did not think we absolutely should not do the simultaneous stimulation, but she did think that we might be a little better off with a more simple protocol. she also did not feel strongly about us needing to do the blanket genetic screening at this juncture which is good, cause we were not comfortable with that.

we have much more talking to do with each other (dakota and i). to start with, we have decided to do nothing at all for july, as i am traveling for two weeks at the end of the month. we will regroup in august. we are going for ivf for sure, but still trying to get clear on if we should find a way to collect some of my eggs before we try to do implant one of dakota’s embryos in my uterus so that my eggs don’t age another year before we try to use them. we are of course hoping that i will get pregnant with her embryo so that would mean about a year before i would be trying for baby #2. i am 41 now, so that is all a bit daunting…

we did get some good advice (on-line and off) not to second guess ourselves and to trust that we can do this. so we will be keeping on 🙂 with deep breaths…

we will keep updating as we go…

(confession, i have such a hard time with the waiting… i am really trying to do what i am writing – deep breaths!!)


2 Responses

  1. It seems as if you gals are working it out. Good for you! Um, as for having a hard time with waiting, a little word of advice–keep breathing!

  2. I am happy to hear that you are trusting your self. And that you got some good advice. I am sorry we did not have much to give you. As for dealing with the waiting – I have such a hard time with that. I try to stay busy, and of course not obsess about fertility, but that is really really easier said then done.

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