and now, for our next trick – IVF

june is almost over (thank you ‘egg drop post’ for your recent comment on my may post, it helped me write again) i have been traveling for my job, it has been 54 days since my last period… and, it seems, no ovulation this cycle at all – weird!

my sweetie and are shifting from IUI, with her trying to carry – to IVF, with me trying to carry her embryo. we have experienced several losses with her carrying. she seems to be extraordinarily able to conceive, but heartbreakingly thwarted when it comes to carrying a pregnancy.

it all feels kind of surreal – i would love to hear from anyone who has been through IVF, with or without ”donor eggs” carrying their sweet one’s embryo.

since my period seems to be in hiding, our doctor says when i am back from my travels, we will put me on a few days of progesterone to bring on my period so we can start to sync up our cycles and move on down the path to get my oven ready for my gals bun, as it were…

am wondering what the next month will be like for our poor roommate as my gal and i are both going to be on all kinds of hormones and stuff to bring our cycles in sync – we will each do a harvest of follicles and see if between the two of us, there are any good ones for us to transfer to my waiting uterus ๐Ÿ™‚ we hope there will good strong embryos of hers, and as a back-up we will have mine to consider as well. (we’d like to have one of each someday – the lesbian equivalent – one related to me, one to her) we want to start with hers… best case scenario, we use hers fresh and freeze some good ones of mine for future use… it is our first time, so we are still shopping for best case scenarios ๐Ÿ™‚ though we do know they are often elusive…

i feel so grateful to have found an incredible woman to enjoy this ride with… and i am so pleased to have also found so many incredible women out there writing about this experience from their own drivers seat…


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  1. Hi, Just found your blog. We are in NYC, too. We aren’t doing IVF (yet) but we were headed down that road from the very beginning using my partner’s eggs and my uterus. So, I blogged a lot about it at the beginning on my blog and have done a lot of research.
    It’s best to do a holy ton of homework and nice to have a second opinion.

  2. thanks travelher and pufferfish… went back and have been catching up on your blog. nice to get to know you guys a bit. mulberry

  3. thanks for the blog shout out! i am honored to have made your roll.

    i will tell you this- the ride with TWO WOMEN tracking their cycle is going to be nothing like you’ve experienced before. i hope this process brings you two closer together and adds a new dimension to your love.

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